[ about me ]

born 1971 in bremen

an freelanced artist.

(photo by thomas tiensch | bremen)

me on social networks: find me on facebook, instagram and bluesky

and member of blaumeier since 2006: here I’m doing arts with people who have a physic or a psychological handicap or otherwise being quite normal as we all.

you can find my art as well in our tiny but shiny gallery „tunnelblick“ in bremen at bischofsnadel – very close to the city center of bremen. it’s always worth to have a look – were are a team of four: two photographer, a woodcarver and me. from time to time we organize little events in poetry/literature or music.

also you can find my works in a quite bigger gallery „mimis erbe“ at the artist village near bremen, called worpswede (you never heard about it?) „mimis“ are located in the house where it all started with arts in worpswede and is run by three lovely artist.

I’m a member in the „GaDeWe: Galerie Des Westens“ (gallery of the west) since 2023. Here we have a fine selection of contemporary art.

I was a member of „Villa Sponte“ from 2020 – 2023, which is a very very lovely place near the Weser – the river which runs through our city. Here you can find fine art exhibitions, although classical or jazz/pop concerts.

I was a member in the producers gallery „KunstMIX“ at bremens „schnoor-quarter“ from 2018 – 2020.

also i am

a musican in afro-brazil percussion and drums.

a stagebuilder for theaters and other productions.

a lyricists.

a cabinet maker.

for my lyric see „kapern“